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The self-developed high-strength acrylic foam double-sided adhesive tape independently developed by Kaifeng has passed the comprehensive testing standards of China National Automobile Inspection and Certification Group Key Laboratory of National Automobile Parts Testing and Testing. All indicators have reached or exceeded the internal control quality standards of the French Peugeot Citroen Automobile Company....

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Acrylic double-sided adhesive

Acrylic double-sided adhesive

Acrylic adhesive tape is made of all acrylic material, which is made from off type film or release paper.
main features
It has the effect of waterproof, shock absorption, heat resistance, sound insulation and so on. It has the characteristics of strong adhesion and good weatherability. It is easy to die cutting. It has good adhesion to the plastic, metal, wood, paper and organosilicon, which are not easy to stick to the surface. It has good durability under high and low temperature environment, and has excellent adhesion to high surface energy and low surface materials. Glass strength, initial viscosity and shear strength are well balanced. Anti chemical solvent, anti humid, anti ultraviolet.
Main uses
The glass curtain wall provides super strength and dust proof, as well as various needs in construction, such as heat insulation, sealing, connection, binding, repair, marking and so on.
It plays a good role in fixing and fixing digital products, such as household appliances, advertisements, electronic signboards and LED boards.
For the application of the car, the automobile anti - friction bar, bumper, collision avoidance board, inscription board, floating card, pedal, and the interior and exterior decoration of the car and the motocycle nameplate, mark, subtitle sticky.
market position
With the diversity of society and the development of science and technology, and the active investment in technology research and development, special acrylic adhesive tape has become an indispensable product. At this moment, automobile industry, electronics industry, plasticizing industry and hardware industry are widely promoted and play an important role in the adhesive tape industry.